Terms & Conditions

Normal hours to hire:
Monday to Friday from 8.00am – 5.00pm
Some Evening and weekend bookings by discretion of Venue Hire Management Closed for Christmas and Bank Holidays

Epainos Ministries deals with advance room bookings; this enables us to offer competitive rates. In return we ask for accurate information concerning the numbers attending and nature of each event, and there is a penalty fee in the event of cancellation. Bookings are accepted on the basis that these Terms and Conditions of Hire are accepted in advance by the event Organiser/Client representing the organisation.

Application for Hire
All applications for the use of the Facilities must be confirmed by filling in the Events Booking Form and sending to Epainos Ministries along with a signed copy of these Terms and Conditions.

Your booking will be invoiced once your booking forms are received.

Only when both forms and payment are received is the booking confirmed.

Epainos Ministries accepts payment by cheque, bank transfer or Cash.

General terms and conditions

Hire charges
All prices are inclusive of VAT

For evening and weekend and hourly bookings, price and availability on request.

The hirer must take the facilities for the whole day, Epainos Ministries does not offer shorter booking periods during week days. The period of use should show clearly on each confirmation booking form.

The venue should be vacated promptly at the end of this period and should be left clean, tidy and rubbish disposed of in the large rubbish & recycling bins outside the kitchen. Should Epainos Ministries be dissatisfied with the condition of the venue when vacated, we will invoice for cleaning and any repair necessary. 

If for any reason hires are in excess of the booked time, or the booking is required to extend outside of our normal hours, then an additional charge of plus 20% of the hourly fee or part thereof will be charged.

Venue charges are reviewed regularly, where hire fees have been paid, these will be held if rates subsequently increase.

A deposit of 20% is required to secure each booking and full payment is required at least one month in advance of the event.

Epainos Ministries may seek compensation for any loss incurred as a result of cancellation. Cancellation must be notified in writing. If cancellation is notified within four weeks of the booking the following cancellation fees will be charged:

(a) One month or more in advance full refund given minus a £60 admin fee.

(b) 10 working days - 25% of the total price unless we secure another booking, then a full refund minus £60 admin fee.

(c) One week or less – 50% of the total price unless we secure a booking, then full refund minus £60 admin fee.

N.B. Bookings are not transferable

Security deposit
A security deposit of 20% of the total hire fee is required (minimum £150), which will be repaid in full subject to the satisfactory adherence to the conditions of hire and period of hire agreed.

General Regulations

The following regulations must apply and should be brought to the attention of the hall users by the person/s in charge of venue hire.

Illegal substances and alcohol may not be brought into the halls under any circumstances. Smoking is not permitted in any area of Epainos Ministriess.

The Organiser shall ensure that all group members act
in a proper and orderly manner.

The Organiser should be aware of the possibility of meetings in the next hall and ensure that other hall users are not disturbed by noise.

No musical instruments or such like should be brought to the halls, unless agreed first with the Venue Hire Team.

Epainos Ministries will not be responsible for the acceptance or pick up of any deliveries of parcels, recorded letters, boxes or any large equipment.

Refreshments can be booked at a charge (subject to availability) through the Venue Hire Team.

Refreshments are provided on a self-serve basis with disposable cups.

Condition of Hire

If the application for a hiring is made by an individual on behalf of an organization it is a requirement that the identity of that organization is disclosed at the time the application is made.

The Hirer is responsible for first aid for the event. Epainos Ministries accepts no responsibility in this respect.

The Hirer will accept full responsibility for, or arising from any loss or damage to staff, guests or visitors including injuries caused in connection with any meeting or event conducted by the Hirer or on his or her behalf. The Hirer will be responsible for taking out own Insurance to cover such liabilities and Epainos Ministries will have no liability in this regard.

The Hirer shall repay to Epainos Ministries the cost of reinstating or replacing any part of equipment, the furniture, piano or its cover, floors, wooden panelled walls plaster or paint work in the halls, which may be damaged destroyed or stolen or removed during the period of hire. The cost of repair or replacement will be advised by Epainos Ministries.

The Hirer will be charged for any damage caused in the Epainos Ministries Grounds area during any event. The Hirer is responsible for children and for complying with Child Protection Policy following Government guidelines making sure that health and safety rules are always applied during the event. 

Epainos Ministries does not accept liability for any injury received while on the premises or loss or damage to clothing, equipment or other property belonging to persons using the premises.

The Hirer will be responsible for taking out their own Insurance to cover such liabilities.
PaymentUnder no circumstances must the number of people attending any meeting or function exceed the maximum 220 people as specified by Epainos Ministries.

The Hirer of an event will be shown the nearest fire escape routes and the assembly points. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to inform their group.

No banners, posters or any items may be affixed to any walls of the building without the Venue Hire Team‘s permission.

No screws, nails, pins or blue-tack or like objects shall be affixed or driven into any walls or furniture in the halls.

Chairs, tables or any equipment belonging in a hall must not be moved into the corridors causing obstruction.

No exit may be blocked or fire appliances removed or tampered with.

The Hirer has no access to Epainos Ministries Kitchen unless it has been previously agreed by the Venue Hire Team.

Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed in the Epainos Ministries kitchens.

Hirers using Epainos Ministries kitchen will have to provide the Venue Hire Team with a copy of their Insurance Liability Certificate, as well as a Basic Hygiene Certificate.

No photographing or videotaping is permitted unless first agreed with Epainos Ministries

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