Restoring The HAC Bow to use we plan to restore the front entrance of Holy Trinity Church Bow so residents can have a safe and improved access to the Church Building space.


Open House London 2023
A Hub for Mile End’s New Middle Class
& Established Elite Presentation

An insight into Holy Trinity’s prominent congregation members, their global impact and scandalous goings-on. Plus view Frank Law's Monuments.

Cian Hodge, a Researcher from Queen Mary University of London; supervised by Dr Edward Legon, Prof. Nadia Valman and Prof. Alastair Owens; in partnership with Epainos Ministries (The Heritage & Arts Centre Bow) and Julian McIntosh Architects presents his paper about Holy Trinity Bow Church in the 19th Century: A Hub for Mile End’s New Urban Middle Class and Established Elite followed by a Panel Discussion followed by light refreshment.

Among the many stories exploring the growth of Mile End are a handful that are significant to the development of the surrounding area. Some are extraordinary and will sweep us away to China and the East Indies. Others are scandalous and worthy of a page in a modern tabloid newspaper. All shared in the Anglican faith – the established Church, so associated with the powerful class and those who aspired to power: "Even its greatest success is sometimes regarded as a failure… the Church of England succeeding in capturing or maintaining the allegiance of the new urban as well as the old rural elites.”

(Jeffrey Cox, The English churches in a Secular Society: Lambeth, 1870-1930, (Oxford University Press), 1982, p. 5.

A free leaflet containing some of Cian Hodge's findings will be available at this presentation.

An extended version containing Cian's full researched finding will be available to purchase with proceeds going towards the upkeep of the cemetery. Contact us directly for more information via email at or on our website.

Historic building conservation workshop
Organiser information : Live Site Learning 
Twitter: @Livesitelearn
Instagram: livesitelearning

Live Site learning undertook a historic building conservation workshop at the Heritage and Arts centre Bow.

The workshop course included craft demonstrations and conservation methods providing attendees hands-on opportunities to experience the skills and techniques needed to restore a Grade C listed building such as the Heritage & Arts Centre Bow.

To conclude the workshop a panel of experts in the field of building conservation undertook a Q&A event chaired by Sarah Sarkel of Lions Television.

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